Sunday, April 26, 2009

Compass Screencast

I've put together a screencast that demonstrates how to get up and running with compass and use it to style a basic webpage. It covers some basic sass syntax in case you're not familiar with it, and then shows how you can create a stylesheet for your semantic markup. If you've been skeptical of the value that compass and sass provide, hopefully seeing it in action will convince you!


Francois said...

Excellent! Thanks for taking the time.

Even though I have been using Compass on a couple of projects, the screencast was still very useful as it demonstrated a few tips and tricks I did not have in mind.

JohnM said...

Awesome screencast. That really helped a lot. I looked a HAML about a year and half ago, but never did anything with it. I recently saw the video of your talk at Google about Compass. I was impress and got the latest versions of HAML, SASS and Compass. Have converted all my views to HAML and am now working on styling. Found this today - great help in understanding where to start in using compass and the blueprint "framwork".


chris said...

@JohnM Thanks! I'd be honored to speak at google, but they haven't invited me yet. That talk was for pivotal labs. I think they'd be happy to hear you confused the two ;)

JohnM said...

@chris - Your right of course.... Was watching Google tech videos a few weeks ago and somehow ran across the Pivotal Labs video of Compass. They've good some good stuff - I like PivotalTracker.

I am loving Compass and SASS/HAML - much easier to read, write and way more DRY!